September 24, 2013
The GrowHaus
4751 York Street
Denver, Colorado

Event Details

Urban Bounty!

A Vegetarian Feast featuring bounty from the Grow Haus.....doesn’t get much fresher than this!
Tuesday 9/24 6:00 pm for 
$75 (food, beverages, taxes and gratuity)

featuring cocktails created by Randy Layman of Vesta, Steuben and ACE featuring Wood’s High Mountain Distillery. 
Twisted Pines, Denver Beer Company and Vino Salida Winery will keep the beer and wine flowing throughout the evening

Go ahead eat your vegetables! Eight of Denver’s best chefs come together to create a vegetarian feast unlike any other!

You bring your own place setting (plate, glass and cutlery)

Passed Appetizers
Curried cauliflower hummus with roasted eggplant on flaxseed cracker

Avocado and asparagus tartines
Sous vide beets, celery citrus salad and walnut butter Berbere spiced lentil salad teff with chickpea crisp

Bread Service: Grateful Bread with beurre maitre d’hotel and Sel Gris

Amuse Bourche - yellow gazpacho with good goat feta and pistachio relish
Green bean “almondine” - haricot vert, toasted almonds, candied shallots, basil, saba Summer squash ravioli - Lemon cucumber, dried cherry tomatoes, cacio pecora, curry broth
Ratatouille pasties with charred baba ganoush
Warm german potato salad with Great Divide HOSS rye lager dressing
GrowHaus Salad Bar
Living greens and herbs for you to cut on the table Accompaniments:
tomatillo, avocado, and basil dressing
smoked mustard and poppyseed buttermilk
french lentil and madras curry vinaigrette
cucumber dressing with rice wine vinegar and togarashi
147 degree egg
banyuls marinated shaved radishes
aged sherry roasted shallots with thyme
spiced nut and and seed mix
Jumpin Good Goat cheddar
pickled fairytale eggplant
roasted and marinated beets
heirloom tomatoes
Grilled Aubergine “Filet Mignon” and frites
Smoked Japanese eggplant-wrapped braised Italian eggplant
Duxelles, fines herbs, black garlic demi and nage, roasted mirepoix essence, braggs liquid amino
Frites champignons, steak seasoning, nori salt, eggplant aioli

Assorted Petit Fours
-popped crimson amaranth and quinoa crispy treats, borage, lavender yogurt frosting – Jorel
brown sugar peach with serrano cream
corn cake with poppycock frosting
red and gold heirloom tomato jello shots, saba, basil sugar
-zucchini cake with purple basil royal frosting
-bartlett pear pastry cream éclair with Mexican chocolate icing
-Spiced chocolate truffle with cinnamon pop rocks

Menu brought to you by the chefs of Vesta Dipping Grill, ACE, Steubens, TAG, Euclid Hall, Duo, Twelve and Black Pearl 


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